joyce (joyce) wrote,

Yesterday, I drove down to the community college to talk to the faculty training program new trainees. It was good. They seem to be a decent bunch. It's funny to seem me a year ago, all wide-eyed and "Well, maybe, can I try this or would it be too complicated and do I really have to use the book they gave me and... ?"

(Parking is going to be miserable out there this year. It was already miserable last year, and enrollment is up (record up). We were hitting the outermost lots yesterday when they were running open registration, and they've been doing registration all summer, too. I'm thinking that next Tuesday, 9am is not to soon to get there for my 10:30 class.)

After that, I boogied up 85 and went over to my parents'. On Thursday, my sister had the pins taken out from her latest (and hopefully last) foot surgery, so she's been laid up and bored. We played a lot of Facebook Scrabble this weekend. Yesterday was the in-person entertainment option, with Phase 10 (she won, but just), Uno (we got dad to play too, and oddly, I won), Scrabble (got my ass kicked) and Yahtzee (she won). It was a good afternoon.

Then it was back home, by way of the friend's house that I'm cat sitting for.

I have a meeting this morning for job #4, and I need to leave early because I need gas and need to drop off a key for the person who is taking over cat sitting duties. Which means that I need to go get dressed.

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