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The past week has been some housework, some goofing off, and some starting to get ready for the school year. Monday morning I ran down and met with the other stats teacher and we made some corrections to my syllabus, which I need to start making on the electronic copy. We got my car aligned. We went on a good walk Tuesday. I've been working on prepping up intro and finalizing syllabuses and such. Thursday I went out and hung out with mom (board and card games, woot) and raided their fridge for lunch and did some running around with Hope. Friday, I did a lot of online Scrabble with her, and Jeff and I worked on getting the last bits out of the storage unit (one load left, ugh). Yesterday was some housework and some cleaning and cleaning out the fridge and getting the absolute last load out of storage and checking on the friend's cats that I'm cat sitting this week. :)

This week, things start to get busier with lead up to the semester.
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    My independent study paper (27 pages of text, 2 of references, 9375 words) is turned in, four fracking days ahead of schedule. I rock. :)

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    Last class of undergraduate degree: done. :)

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    And moreover, I am not in the mood to read eleventy-gazillion pages on the legal issues surrounding jihad. Normally, I would be completely interested…

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