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We never did meal plan last week - I was still pretty out of it and discombulated from traveling - but we still ate well. Homemade pizza, barbecue pork ribs, meatballs baked in barbecue sauce, deviled eggs and leftover meatballs, a family reunion one night, and baked chicken drumsticks.

this week, we're going to roast or crockpot a chicken and have:
- chicken salad wraps
- chicken & biscuit pot pie
- chicken & noodles

along with
- breaded pork chops
- hamburgers & onions rings (assuming we have ground beef buried in the freezer somewhere; if not, we can get a package at the co-op)
- chickpea patties (for the love of bob, we need a vegeterian meal in all this meat)
- great big heaping dinner salads

We could also have as quick backup meals:
- pasta & red sauce (we have a box of rice spirals)
- tostadas
- deviled eggs & sides

We also already have in the house for sides that we need to eat or can eat:
- carrots
- salad greens
- grapes
- corn
- pluots
- green beans, already cooked and ready to reheat and serve
- squash
- canned green beans (that my mom canned, noms)
- applesauce (ditto)

We're not farmer's marketing today (well, Val is going out to get the pork chops, because she wants 'em) because we desperately need to clean the fridge out, and we have a bunch of food we need to eat before we bring more into the house (as evidenced by the above list. We can fix all that with what's in the freezer/pantry, except for the pork steaks and chickpeas for the patties).
Tags: cooking:menu_planning

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