So my phone started ringing. I'd set up delay alerts, and my only… 
1st-Aug-2009 07:09 pm

So my phone started ringing. I'd set up delay alerts, and my only choices were email or phone. I wasn't sitting in front of the laptop, so phone had been the best option. The problem with that was that the system couldn't talk to you, so it had to leave you a voice mail.

So phone my rings, and it's not a personalized ring, and I look, and it's an 800 number. Ruhroh.

So this cues an hour or so of having to pause the movie, clear my email, and check the flight status online, because the beginning of the voice mail kept getting cut off. We watched my flight time go progressively later, until finally the flight was going to be leaving at 2:30 in the morning, and I was going to - guess what - miss my connection.

I called the airline, and they cheerfully rebooked me. The first thing they could do was an 8am flight out of SEA, connecting through JFK, and getting to Charlotte at almost midnight Monday night. I was a bit annoyed - one of the reasons I'd originally gone with the red eye was so that I wouldn't have to spend all day Monday traveling - but whatever. It looked like I was spending an extra night on the air mattress of doom (seriously, way way comfortable), and getting back the Thursday night that we'd missed on the front end of the trip.

We'd been dithering about what to do - we weren't really in the mood for another movie - so we made cookies, packed some up for me to bring home and ate a couple, and watched the documentary on the making of Jurassic park before finally deciding that, alas, it was time to try to get some sleep.

We were up way too early Monday morning. We got to the 7-11 for a bucket of caffeine, when Ginger realized that she'd left her phone at home. We doubled back for it, got on 405, and got to the airport, where the arrivals lane was a mess. I gave her a hug, grabbed my stuff out of the back of the tiny car, and headed inside. Getting checked in and my bag checked was relatively painless (I hate checking bags, but sometimes, it's necessary), security was relatively painless, and I got down to my gate, drank some coffee, and ate the muffin that we'd stuck into my bag before leaving the apartment.

I rode the middle seat into JFK, and it sucked. There was reading, there was Torchwood and Veronica Mars watching (I was all out of Burn Notice), there were unsuccessful attempts at dozing. I ate my snack service both times and a Luna bar. By the time I got to JFK, I was shaky hungry and grumpy.

Jet Blue's JFK terminal has improved hugely since last summer, when it was being renovated. It's a hell of a lot nicer now (I might have referred to it as a pit last summer). I got a piece of overpriced pizza and a couple of doughnuts for dinner (I know, but I was grumpy by that point, and wanted some happy carbs) and got on the free wireless (which I suppose makes up for the overpriced pizza) and talked to Jeff and Ginger and watched a couple of episodes of Standoff online.

And about the time that we were supposed to be boarding... there was no desk staff. Sound familiar? Eventually, someone showed up... and all he did was glance worriedly out the window. I would have been 500 times better with being delayed if he had simply gotten on the horn and said "Folks, I'm sorry, there seems to be a delay. I'm not entirely sure what's going on either, but as soon as I know, you'll know." I hate not being communicated with.

Long long annoying time later, we were boarding. Eventually, we left JFK when we were supposed to be landing in Charlotte. I got into Charlotte at 1:15 Tuesday morning, and by the time we got off the plane and I oozed out to baggage claim and we got my bag and got to the car, it was quarter til 2. We got in about 3:30, and to bed about 4. I slept until 5 minutes before my weekly phone call with the co-op GM at 11 (I could have emailed him and rescheduled, but I just wanted to get it done), and spent the rest of the day in fine imitation of a zombie.
2nd-Aug-2009 02:04 am (UTC)
Sounds like a great trip, despite the delays. You sure did pack a lot of Seattle seeing into a short time. (and chose the hottest time ever to come out.)
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