joyce (joyce) wrote,

It is a long story, that I will get into more detail about later, but I find myself in Boston for a night, in a nice hostel downtown (dude, they gave me a towel. I got to take a shower. I could have cried for joy.) $43 got me a bunk at the last minute, linens, free wireless, and free breakfast (that, alas, I have to be up too early to avail myself of) and I'm only sharing with 3 other folks. Also, that includes the lock I had to buy (well, I didn't have to, but) and the $3 non-hostel member fee. Considering how expensive a town this is, I'm pleased.

Also, I am old, and while I would love to go see Boston nightlife, my desire to be horizontal supersedes any thoughts of going wandering. I am very annoyed that I won't be here long enough to enjoy the city during the day, as I rather like this place.

Heh. Speaking of horizontal...
Tags: travel

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