joyce (joyce) wrote,

Today, artisanal_xara came up with her little one, and we hit Chik-fil-a for lunch and then the Bur Mil Water Center for entertainment. The pool is way, way cooler than it looks, with a splash area with sprinklers, a very large shallow area, a slide, a whirlpool (literal, not hot tub), etc. It was lovely to spend a couple hours in the sun and the water (though I got sunburned, because I'm occasionally absentminded.)

Nice day. Tired now.

- empty the little trashcans (W)
- catbox (W)
- take out recycling (W)
- dishes (W)
- clean upstairs hall bathroom and downstairs bathroom (W)
- shave legs (H)

- find missing library book (W) the nice librarian force renewed it
- take back library books (W)
- deposit water deposit check (W)

- write newsletter article (T)
- GM readings (W)
- expansion toolkit reading (W)
- review agenda, plan what we need to talk about (W)
- cook board dinner (W)
- have board meeting (W)

- package and mail Amazon books (W)

- finish packing (H)
- check in for flight, print boarding passes (H)
Tags: outdoors, social, todo, tonya

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