joyce (joyce) wrote,

Dear old bat next door that called the city on the vehicles in the back yard (well, okay, we don't know it's you; dudsie couldn't tell us, but it's likely it's you, since you have an unnatural fascination with our cars)1,

Bugger off.

absolutely no love,


1. First she tried to tell Jeff's mom that the city had passed a law effective July 1 that you couldn't park on the road. (The dudesie from the city laughed at that one). Then she had us move one of the cars the other day, because she said there was a city law that you have to have your trashcans on the other side of your driveway from your mailbox. (City dudesie looked puzzled at that, and said "Welllllll... I'm pretty sure there's not a law about that, but I couldn't swear to it.") [Never mind that half the neighbors don't follow that "law".]

Luckily, the dude from the city was very nice and rather apologetic (I'm sure he deals with a lot of angry folks). The vehicles have to either run or have tags, so Jeff started the Metro up. We need to charge the Ranger up and the dudesie will come out, see that it's running, and clear the citation (we also have some cardboard boxes in the back yard we need to deal with). Still, what a pain in the ass.
Tags: neighbors, wtf

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