joyce (joyce) wrote,

tonight: homemade pizza, dammit, I'm having a craving
Wednesday: board meeting - vegan goulash, dairy-free mashed potatoes, broccoli

chicken noodle casserole (Val)
rib steaks, potatoes (Val)
salad. for the love of $deity, let's eat some greens this week.
breakfast tacos? pasta? I'd like a meal with little or no meat - we've been eating a lot of it lately.

I'm going to be out of town starting Thursday afternoon, so they're on they're own after that. There's goulash and stew in the freezer, for starters.

farmer's market:
- ground beef
- corn (lots of corn. I heard him tell someone else 6 ears for $2, so I grabbed 6 and had 42 ready to go. He said "oh, grab a couple more" so I grabbed two more, and then he stuck another two in our bag. Dang.)
- sausage
- eggs
- half gallon, skim milk
- half gallon, chocolate milk

and Val got rib steak. This was a short week; we have a lot of food in the house we need to eat.
Tags: cooking:menu_planning

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