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So, Jeff's 15000th day on the earth was today (you too can figure out… 
5th-Jul-2009 07:29 pm
So, Jeff's 15000th day on the earth was today (you too can figure out such things here), which made a handy excuse to throw a late birthday party for him. We had a small but nice group of folks show up, including a friend of a friend who may turn into a new friend. We ate food and sat around and chatted, and everyone bailed fairly early (odd thing about afternoon parties: when do you leave? It's not as socially clear cut as evening parties.)

Not a single one of Jeff's former coworkers that had RSVPed came. Or called. Or texted. (He invited a handful of the ones he liked). I am displeased, especially since one of them made a big show about wanting to be friends. I know stuff comes up, but how hard is it to text that something came up? They weren't the only ones who had to bail, but our friends called and said they couldn't come.

Anyhow. *grump* It means we have leftovers for tomorrow, but I wish we hadn't bothered with the beer (most of our friends are lushes :), but even they weren't terribly interested in drinking this afternoon, except for the one who worked second and third shift last night, and got home at 8am, and was using alcohol to substitute for sleep, and he brought his own.) Oh, and this is now my go-to chocolate cake recipe for those who can eat gluten - I didn't use her icing this time (though trust me, it's crack, we've made the whole thing before.) Jeff's requested birthday cake is always chocolate cake layered with raspberry preserves and topped with whipped cream. It was moist and tasty and not too much, especially even with how sweet the preserves were.

I was asleep before 10 last night, and actually slept well - I still woke up, but I'd look at the clock, to "huh. I don't remember falling asleep" and go back to sleep, instead of the normal rotisserie routine - so I was awake at 5:00. In the morning. Oy. I dozed until quarter of 6 or so, and then gave up and got up and played Command and Conquer (because, really, what else do you do when it's 6am and no one else is up yet and you're not awake enough to parse a book) and made the coffee. I've been reasonably chipper all day, though I was yawning some this afternoon - one night does not sleep dep make up - and now I'm totally running out of steam. Dear body, we are not going on a 9 to 4 schedule, mmmkay?
6th-Jul-2009 11:39 am (UTC)
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