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The farmer's market was insanely crowded today. :) Good for the… 
4th-Jul-2009 06:13 pm
check battery

The farmer's market was insanely crowded today. :) Good for the farmers, nuts for everyone else.


- hot dogs (lunches)
- pork shanks (freezer)
- pork tenderloin (freezer)
- ground beef
- breakfast sausage (from someone new, since our beef lady wasn't there and our first two normal suppliers were both out. However, he was lovely and advised me to buy the cheaper shanks over the more expensive pork steaks once I told him what I was doing with them... guess who I'll be giving business to again?)
- potatoes
- cherry tomatoes
- eggs. lots of eggs.
- lettuce
- green peppers

and Val got:

- WATERMELON om om noms
- green beans
- more cherry tomatoes
- more squash

- chili mac (Saturday)
- party! on Sunday - little smokies, baked beans, deviled eggs, cucumber salad, no knead bread, chocolate cake, whatever else people bring
- party leftovers (Monday)
- salad Tuesday
- Italian sausage + watermelon + corn + potatoes Wednesday
- steak salad
- homemade pizza - cheese, pepperoni
- tacos or meatballs (using half a pound of beef tonight, will have half a pound leftover)
- chickpea patties
- quiche Thursday
- beef stew & rolls Friday at the parents
- vegetable stew, rolls, deviled eggs
- something with the drumsticks in the freezer, preferably in the crock pot
- pork shanks in the crockpot
- carrot slaw
- lemon roasted potatoes
- squash casserole
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