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That was exciting, really.

This morning, we had one last load to get out of the house, so we loaded up the vehicles, got the last of the cleaning done, came back here and unloaded, went back out, picked up the last of the recycling, dropped off the keys, and came home. When we got home, we saw that the front door was open just a bit.

Cue quiet panic. We could find Marty and Ellie, but not Copper.

This has happened occasionally before, and none of the cats got out - they're not normally interested in the outdoors. And Copper does like to hole up in small places (see also, the kitchen cabinets) and scare us. However, it'd been open for a damn long time this time. So we turned the house up - there's a lot of places for a cat to hide right now, with all the boxes. We walked around the front of the house. Eventually, she came out around the front of the neighbor's car when Jeff called her.

So, phew. We probably ought to give her a bath, and Marty is busy hissy-facing at Copper because she smells different, but they'll all be fine in a couple hours, and we're going to be paranoid about the doors for awhile. All's well that ends well, right?
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