joyce (joyce) wrote,

We don't need a farmer's market run this week; we have more food in the house than... yea. We do need eggs and potatoes and another brick of cheese, all of which we'll grab at the co-op. [And a can of tomato puree, unless I can figure out which box it's hiding in.]

what we have or will have in the house to work with (not counting pantry stuff):

- a ton of lunch meat (it was on sale, so Jeff's mom came home with a bunch)
- cherries
- grapes
- blueberries
- nectarines
- apricots
- asparagus
- squash
- cucumbers
- a couple of green peppers
- a bit of lettuce
- leftover pasta
- some sun dried tomato cheese; the tail end of a stick of Bermuda onion cheese
- carrots
- a tomato

- ground beef
- chicken drumsticks
- sirloin steak
- stew beef
- pork chops
- Italian sausage
- ravioli

Things we could have this week:

baked spaghetti (likely tonight, since that pasta needs to get used; Val was going to cook tonight, but she was making pickles all day yesterday and I doubt she's going to be up to making dinner tonight, especially if she continues the pickles today) Saturday
spareribs & roasted potatoes Thursday
vegetable stew, rolls, deviled eggs
beef & noodles (Val cooking) Tuesday
deviled eggs, raw vegetables, and fruit
something with the drumsticks, preferably in the crock pot, since its supposed to be 90 all week
goulash (depends on how much of the package of stew beef Val uses with the beef & noodles) from the freezer, with dumplings, Sunday
baked ravioli Wednesday
carrot slaw
squash casserole
lemon roasted potatoes
tacos breakfast version, Monday
pork chops & stuffing Friday
Tags: cooking:menu_planning

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