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newish recipe report

I was having a craving, so along with the chickpea patties tonight, instead of mashed potatoes and gravy, I pulled out the Betty Crocker cookbook for hot German potato salad. Jeff doesn't care for cold potato salad - he says he prefers his mashed potatoes warm and without stuff in them - but he'd indicated willingness to try a hot version. I used turkey bacon, because that's what was in the house, so I had to add some butter to create enough fat for the onion cooking and the roux, and I went with the cider vinegar option because that's what we had on hand.

I loved it, which I knew I would - once upon a life (the Utah version), this stuff was in heavy rotation. (I need to make a batch of cheddar cheese soup here soon). Val really liked it (and said the whole dinner was tasty, hallelujah). Jeff said it was better than he expected and to use less celery seed next time. I count this as recipe win. :) We'll make it again.

Meantime, I'm having to restrain myself from going and attacking the leftovers straight from the Tupperware.
Tags: recipes:new, recipes:potatoes, recipes:salad

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