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- 2 dozen extra large eggs - 1 pound extra sage sausage -… 
20th-Jun-2009 12:24 pm

- 2 dozen extra large eggs
- 1 pound extra sage sausage
- cucumbers
- yellow squash
- potatoes
- zucchini
- green peppers
- 1 head green lettuce
- 2 pounds ground beef
- 1 pound pork chops
- 1 pound chicken drumsticks drumsticks

total damage: $40.60

Fixed meals this week are dinner at my parents' tonight for mom's birthday/father's day, cook-out at feebdaed & artisanal_xara's Monday night, and the board meeting here on Wednesday night. Otherwise, we have planned:

chickpea patties, hot German potato salad Sunday
chickpea patty tacos Tuesday
spareribs & french fries
salad & deviled eggs Thursday
vegetable stew, rolls, deviled eggs
beef & noodles (Val cooking; Saturday night dinner)

(Friday ended up being leftovers: chickpea tacos for Jeff, leftover pasta & hummus & roasted vegetables for me)

Which is one more meal than we need, but that gives us planning through next Saturday Sunday night.

In the house for all purpose sides we have asparagus and cherries that Val bought; celery and grapes and cantaloupe; some green beans that need to get used; and some applesauce and green beans that mom canned and gave to us, if we need to get into them. I want to make a squash casserole to dish up all week. I should get some more broccoli from the co-op (local broccoli, woot.)

The meat purchased this week is in the freezer against future meals.

Breakfast will be eggs & sausage, pb toast (need to make bread) & fruit, and yogurt & granola (need to make the yogurt). Lunch will be leftovers and sandwiches (need to make tortillas. We have salami that Val got and veggie turkey, and hummus, and we can do egg salad and pb&j).
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