joyce (joyce) wrote,

River (my desktop) is back up and running. Sad that this really helps along the idea that we live here now. :)

The cats are much less freaked out this morning. They spent most of yesterday hiding - Marty under our covers, until I transplanted her downstairs, and Ellie and Copper in a handy windowsill - but started to relax some when Jeff got home (the cable guy being here half of yesterday afternoon didn't help), relaxed even more when Jeff's mom got in, and this morning, they're running around like they own the place (well, Marty is still cowering a bit).

Today's plan: Y for swimming and hot tub, the old house for more stuff (kitchen), Target for sundry. Back to the house this evening to get Lucy (we have to wait until Jeff is off of work; she won't let me handle her.) Good times, or something. :)
Tags: moving

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