joyce (joyce) wrote,

+ This place is huge. Seriously. We're going from 850 square feet (1 bathroom) to 2200 square feet + outbuildings (2.5 bathrooms).
- The kittens are freaked out.
+ We did successfully get most of the big stuff out. We didn't get quite everything we wanted to today, but we got most of it. My cousin and dad are rock stars.
+ The previous occupant's internet service isn't getting cut off until tomorrow, when ours is getting installed.
- I am SO sore, and I bruised the shit out of my knee.
- Did I mention that the kitties are wigged?
+ Pizza for dinner om nom noms.
+ The rain stopped before we actually loaded anything up.
- We still have a lot of to get done.
+ We have all month to get it done.
Tags: moving

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