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Well, so far, the whole knowing what's in the house and having… 
19th-May-2009 08:32 pm
Well, so far, the whole knowing what's in the house and having several meal options available (instead of doing the Monday night is this, Tuesday night is this) thing is working really well. Hope was over tonight, and I had dinner on 25 minutes after we walked in the door: bratwurst (gooooooooood, too; I love these folks), fried squash, cheesy mashed potatoes, strawberries. Noms. And there's enough potatoes left over for potato cakes tomorrow. Potato cakes and over easy eggs are one of the wonders of the world.

I'm actually enjoying food again; there for awhile, I was really tired of cooking and eating. Stress will do that.

Hope was in town for a foot doctor's appointment, so afterward she came and picked me up and we ran over to Costco, where (hat tip to warsop), they did in fact have Speedo swimsuits for $20. I just fit into an 18, which is the biggest they carried. A 20 would be better in some ways, but the 18 was there and fit and was $20. So. Win. :)

We came home, made the aforementioned dinner, and now she's headed back home. Le sigh. :)
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