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farmer's market report

This was our first week in several at the farmer's market. Life has been conspiring to keep us busy or tired on Saturday mornings, and we've been doing with what's been in the freezer and what we could get at the co-op (which does include many of the same vendors that sell at the farmer's market). However, we made it up and out this week, and came home with...

- 2 dozen eggs
- breakfast sausage
- potatoes
- peaches (peaches! first peaches of the season for us)
- strawberries
- squash (ditto on the first of the season for us)
- cucumbers
- 2 packages of chicken thighs
- bratwurst
- honey for Hope

Nom nom nom noms.

We haven't been doing so well with sticking to the meal plans, but at the same time, if we don't plan at all, then we do the flaily "what do we want for dinner?" thing. So, meals we could have this week with food that's in the house and minimal additions from the co-op:

- chicken enchiladas; potato and squash enchiladas
- salad
- Jillie's steak salad
- hamburgers
- bratwurst + sides
- breakfast tacos
- goulash (out of the freezer) [I might consider, sometime in the next couple of weeks, pulling the 2.5 pound package of stew beef out of the oven, turning it into the world's biggest batch of goulash, and freezing it in meal sized portions. 4 cups a container should do it. It's one of our households favorite meals, it's cheap, and it freezes well.
- quiche
- pizza

and sides:

- strawberries
- peaches
- squash
- twice baked potatoes
- wheat berry salad
- brown rice

I really should check through the tags I have on delicious for new recipes and see what else sounds good.

Also, I need to remember that I'm going to be gone Thursday night through Sunday.
Tags: cooking:menu_planning, farmer's market

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