joyce (joyce) wrote,

Dear Title 9:

One swim suit has failed, and the other is desperately near. Replacement is nigh. I would love to give you money for a new suit, after my positive experience with your sports bras. However, why is it that you make sports bras to fit very curvy women... but in clothes and swimsuits, an XL is anywhere between a freaking TEN and a SIXTEEN?

no love,

[eta]: Really, I think I'm just too cranky for the internets tonight. Gold gilt swimsuits are just terrifying (who is going to swim in one of those things?), calling women's sizes a "special size" is just insulting (my last suit came from Newport News, and I really liked it, but "special sizes"?), and why is it that half the suits I find talk about "slimming features" or "shopping by body size" or "When spandex just isn’t quite enough, this ingenious collection of slimming suits comes to the rescue. We developed Seam Slimmer™ styling that gives the illusion of a more svelte figure" (I was googling for swim shorts). I mean, really. I'm a fat woman who wants a swimsuit, not a corset.

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