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So, yesterday, we had a delightful time. I was worried, because it was pouring on 421 as I was headed there, but the rain stopped and the clouds kept trying to clear off. I got to Jordan Lake an hour early and went for a nice walk on one of the trails in the woods around the picnic area. artisanal_xara and her wee one turned up, and we played on the swings and hung out and talked, and about the time we pulled out our picnics, the clouds broke and we got treated to a couple hours of beautiful sunshine. We got in the lake for awhile - it was just this side of warm enough - and packed up when it started clouding over and drizzling again.

Yay summer. And it is almost summer; I have office hours to hold today and Monday and Wednesday, and one more round of discussion boards to grade next Thursday night (I'm going to have to do them next Thursday night; Friday morning we leave for Baltimore and my cousin's wedding) and then I'm really done until August 17, unless something turns up for the summer.

(And nicely, in the fall, I get a staggered start to life. The community college starts August 17, the university starts August 24, and the high school classes start September 8. Whee.)

Anyhow, the drive down and back was pretty, the picnic and the lake was much fun, and it was good to artisanal_xara and little one.

Jeff, meantime, poor guy, was at work until 4am (no, I'm not kidding) dealing with a virus issue.
Tags: ate soup, local road trip, outdoors, social, tonya

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