joyce (joyce) wrote,

Things I want to do with my summer, a list by Joyce, age 32 and 3 months:

1. completely plan intro, from start to finish: notes, assignments, classroom activities, e-learning sites
2. make this
3. go on a day trip somewhere fun by myself
4. go to the zoo with one or both of my sisters (hopefully both, if we can plan around Faith's work schedule and she's interested)
5. overnight trip to see Faith with Hope
6. overnight trip with Faith to see Hope
7. camping
8. hike
9. learn how to can
10. get my kitchen organized
11. catalog all of my books
12. be able to bike 15 miles at a stretch
13. plan enough of stats that I won't be drowning the first few weeks of school
14. re-read LRK's Mary Russel books
15. make friends with my sewing machine
16. learn how to knit socks on two circulars
17. be able to swim 45 minutes at a stretch
18. get the crafts stuff organized; resume beading and knitting
19. relax
20. get the clothes organized and keep them that way
21. go to a live musical event
22. read one of the Carver books on policy governance
23. figure out this whole board president thing, without ending up a jibbering stress ball
24. start working down the list of recipes to try
25. get Jeff hooked on Firefly

Some of this will get done and some of it won't, but it's nice to have goals. :)
Tags: summer:list:2009

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