joyce (joyce) wrote,

Saturday: tacos, tostadas (beans and beef), squash, canned fruit salad

Sunday: mini-pizzas (sausage; cheese; mushroom, spinach, onion), squash, strawberries

Monday: leftover beef and potato hash, broccoli, strawberries

Tuesday: pasta with meat sauce, squash, oranges

Wednesday: spicy beef salad, less spice and sugar, strawberries

Thursday: mini-quiches (sausage & potato, veggie), strawberries, brocoli

Friday: steak, twice baked potatoes, squash, strawberries

  • (no subject)

    I will be so very, very glad when my hair is long enough to braid again. :)

  • rare completely vain moment

    i have suddenly, in the last week or two, developed really great hair. i get up in the morning, run a comb through it, and it falls into place. i…

  • (no subject)

    Like a boss.

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