joyce (joyce) wrote,

Lovely, wonderful, lazy weekend.

Friday, I went in for seminar, and then had extended office hours instead of class, which some of my students actually took advantage of (wonders, and all that). Then it was off to the bicentennial and bog gardens for a walk, Harris Teeter for a slice of pizza, Target for miscellany, and the library. Jeff got home early from his workshop, and his mom made beef roast in the crock pot for dinner. Tasty. :)

Yesterday was the co-op and some Command and Conquer and a lot of reading and Costco (shudder. Way too damn crowded) and napping and more reading and I made goulash for dinner.

Today has been more lazy, more Command and Conquer, more reading, a Borders run, and salad for dinner. And more lazy. My batteries are getting towards recharged.

Three weeks left in the semester. :)
Tags: ate soup

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