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There has been a great quantity of exercise over the last couple of days; as a consequence, there is a great quantity of sore this morning. There are certainly worse problems to have in life. :) Despite some slackitude in January and February, I'm on target to be right where I should at the end of the month for my exercise goals for the year (or maybe even a little bit ahead); there will be a full report at the end of the month.

So, last week when I was in Matflex class, I noticed that my current sports bra was starting to bite the dust. I'd known this for awhile and ignored it because shopping for sports bras when you're a big girl is a nightmare.

I finally tried Target (hah, I'm funny) and Dick's Sporting Goods (less funny, more frustrating, especially the part when I had to sit on the floor to see the tags to find the one bra in my size buried amongst the tons of smalls and x-smalls). There's a shop over in Winston that Hope recommends, but by the time I was done, I was not in the mood to drive over to Winston and get fitted and try things on and blah blah blah. So I came home, read reviews, and gave the nice folks at Title 9 some money. They shipped it out quickly - I had it in like, 3 days - and it's a great product; if you're a biggish girl, I recommend the frog bra. It's a pullover bra, so there's no hooks or connectors to get in your way when stretching or whatever. It's been through Matflex (a combination of yoga and pilates), the elliptical, and walking 2 miles yesterday, and I do not move when wearing it. A++, would order again. (Note: I'm a 42 C or D, depending on the bra, and I'm at the outer edges for being able to wear this comfortably; I ordered an XL.) The current bra has been regulated to swimming only duty.

And retailers wonder why they're losing business to online stores...
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