joyce (joyce) wrote,

So, we're working on trying new whole grains around here, in an effort to keep everyone well fed and meet their nutritional needs.

- Wednesday it was buckwheat udon noodles, instead of white flour ones. I liked them, Jeff liked them, Jeff's mom didn't dislike them.
- Last night it was wheat berries. I loved them - I found them chewy and dense and filling and with a subtle but good flavor. Jeff said he liked them enough to have them again. Jeff's mom didn't dislike them, but said they didn't have much flavor. I didn't make a salad like I was going to, instead just going for butter and spices, figuring that simple was best for a new food, so next time, I'll pull out one of the cookbooks and do something more interesting.

[eta]: ate the leftover wheat berries with cheese, an over easy egg, and sausage. Very tasty.
Tags: cooking, whole grains

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