joyce (joyce) wrote,

Saturday: chickpea patties, green beans, zucchini (breaded if I'm feeling frisky), applesauce (Saturday)

Sunday: spatchcocked roasted chicken (you really don't want to watch that video if you're a vegetarian or like to pretend that your chicken shows up magically in those Styrofoam trays), lemon roasted sweet potatoes, regular roasted potatoes, side salads, oranges [notes: pull out chicken to thaw Saturday] (Monday)

Monday: salad, butter beans, wheat berry salad, grapes if the co-op has any that look decent (applesauce if not) (Thursday)

Tuesday: tacos (beans and beef), homemade salsa, cucumber salad, applesauce [notes: make enough taco beef for two meals] (Sunday)

Wednesday: soba noodles; leftover chicken from Sunday; peanut sauce, spice turned down; raw cucumbers & celery & green peppers; apples (Wednesday)

Thursday: Mexican "lasagna" (bean & beef pan, non-bean pan), squash, oranges (Tuesday)

Friday: leftovers if there are enough, grilled cheese if not, something green, fruit (Friday)
Tags: cooking:menu_planning

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