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Mom called yesterday morning, shortly after I'd posted my to-do list, and suggested that we hang out yesterday instead of today, since it was supposed to be 40 and raining today (and, in fact, is 40 and raining). I decided that this was a splendid idea, so I grabbed a shower and back roaded it over there. One of my cousins on my mom's side is getting married Memorial Day weekend, and mom wanted to get clothes for it (yes, mom plans ahead. Ever wonder where I get it from? :) ) so we went over to J.C. Penney, where she found a couple of very nice, suitable things. She needed to go to Hallmark, and then I treated her to lunch at Panera, and then she was done. I took her home and she went down for a nap, and I drove back into town, went to the Y and the co-op, came home, and ran out of energy myself. I did some board stuff, watched some Hulu, and when Jeff got home from work, fell over. Good day.

Now, sigh, that to-do list is eyeing me.
Tags: ate soup

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