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Jeff had yesterday off, and it was a good day. He gamed, I played with spreadsheets and finances, we got stuff put into storage, we had a tasty late lunch with a friend, I heated up leftovers for dinner, we did a lot of talking, we got his mom's porch swing and pavilion (she got one of those portable camping pavilions so that she could have some shade in the back yard) put together. Spring break is a lovely thing.

Tomorrow, I'm scheduled to go hang out with my mom, and tomorrow night there's a party to go to, and Faith is going to be in this weekend. In other words, there is much revelry ahead. With revelry, comes :

- figure out why the Yahoo group is sending out invitations to some email providers but not others; email Tay about such
- fix the minutes for this month; send back out and ask for feedback, again
- grade short answer quizzes until I can't stand to look at the any more DONE!; ditto article summaries DONE!
- prep the academic probation classes for next week
- figure out who hasn't scheduled meeting #3; email
- grade journal entries; reconcile academic probation grades
- reply to email about GPA requirements for probation
- prep intro for next week
- send out progress reports in intro
- update EC grades in intro
- go to the Y
- grade discussion boards
- pull board stuff out of trunk, sort out
- grade any essays already turned in

It's a good day for staying in and getting work knocked out, as the weather is turning and it looks pretty ugly out there. (It's spring in North Carolina - a week and a half ago, we had 6 inches of snow. The end of last week on into this week, it was 80 degrees. Today, it's supposed to be 53 and partially sunny, but it was raining last night, and there's still some ugly assed clouds out there. Tomorrow, 39 and rain. Back up into the 60s by the end of next week. Wheee.)

I need to spend more time outside this summer - my calves are still saying hello from all the walking I did Tuesday. Being on my feet for several hours outside is different than a half an hour at the gym on the elliptical (which, well, duh.)

Time to go pour me another cup of ambition and get started... :)

[eta]: Or I could go hang out with mom today, so that she doesn't have to go out and about in 40 degrees and raining. That works too.
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