joyce (joyce) wrote,

- Lasagna with eggplant "noodles"? Really freaking good. Would be even better made with this. And some spinach. Noms.

- Zoo was great, artisanal_xara and kidlet are great, we had a fabulous time and saw a bunch of the African end of the zoo that I haven't seen in long time. Giraffes! Zebras! A gorilla was sitting against the side of his exhibit, 6 inches from us. You can't see everything when you have a 3 year old along, but watching his reactions to things more than made up for it.

- I broke down and I'm watching the first episode of Dollhouse (I love you, Hulu) and hey, it's Helo all over again, in different clothes. I'm amused.
Tags: ate soup, tonya, zoo

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