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We have inches of snow on the ground. This is way, way more snow than I've seen in a long time. Both places of employment are closed, of course (which means we're down another day of spring break at the community college. Le sigh. Luckily, the university doesn't have to make up the days, and the community college still has Thursday/Friday scheduled off next week, so I'm still in for some break. And if the community college is closed tomorrow - which is possible, if things don't get to melt off today - we make that up at the end of the semester. Yay.)

[It is absurd to be losing days to snow, the week before spring break. I'm just saying.]

Anyway, I've been needing a catch-up day, and have had very little motivation to get things done lately, and now I have this whole day to do them in. So...

- prep this week and next week of intro (and if I get really ambitious, start working on the rest of the unit) [got the next couple of classes planned]
- prep this week and the week after spring break of the academic probation classes [got this week mostly planned, need to finish in the morning]
- grade interview questions
- grade what ATG essays and discussion boards have been turned in already
- grade journals for last week
- grade the short answer tests that are in so far
- sync my gradebook and the online gradebook for intro
- last week's journal entry

- finish the book I'm reading
- watch an episode of Firefly

- answer board email
- email potential board member materials
- #s for survey questions
- set up Yahoo group for the board [in progress]

- cat box
- empty the dishwasher [twice, even!]
- fill the dishwasher [twice, even!]
- fold clothes
- straighten up my half of the office
Tags: snow, todo, work

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