joyce (joyce) wrote,

So, about a year ago, my sister Hope was gifted with gift certificates to the Cheesecake Factory. Both of the locations that are anywhere near here are east of Greensboro, conveniently located reasonably close to where my sister Faith lives. So, we've had vague plans for girls' weekend for awhile, and finally got around to setting plans for this weekend. Hope picked me up a little after three yesterday, and we swung by my parents' and said hi and hung out with them for a bit, then back-roaded it to Faith's. We made homemade pizza for dinner, and played Scrabble and Phase 10, and passed out. Her couch sleeps amazingly well.

This morning, we got up, made eggs for breakfast, played more Scrabble, drove over to Southpoint by way of CVS Pharmacy, walked around the mall for a bit, indulged in our lunch, zoomed back to Faith's, played more Scrabble, got in the car, and drove through the rain back home. It was an excellent 24 hour vacation that felt a week long.
Tags: family:sisters, road trip, travel

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