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tonight: tacos & side salads Sunday: Mediterranean Couscous… 
21st-Feb-2009 11:25 am

tonight: tacos & side salads

Sunday: Mediterranean Couscous Salad [Moosewood Low-Fat Favorites, p. 144]

Monday: lemony roasted potatoes [Veganomicon, p. 109] , side salads, vegetarian Italian sausage

Tuesday: chickpea cutlets [Veganomicon, p. 133], side salads

Wednesday: hummus and vegetable pitas; ham or egg salad for Jeff's mom; green beans

Thursday: meatball sandwiches & salads

Friday: I'll be out with my sisters; Jeff and his mom will be on their own.

Last week report:

We never got the steak out of the freezer, but we did have leftover ground beef from the tacos, so we did Salisbury steaks, and verily, it was good. The salad and corn muffins got bagged on account of lack of ingredients in favor of Italian sausage, broccoli, and mac and cheese, and that was really good, too.
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