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1. Monday during my first class, I started feeling that annoying catch in my chest; by Tuesday, I was down with a really nasty cold. I've spent the rest of the week complaining, pushing liquids, trying to sleep, sneezing a lota, taking Sudafed, and hating my sinuses. This morning, I'm still stuffy but not as bad, so I have high hopes the creeping crud will have crept on by Monday.

2. Three weeks to go in the academic probation classes. They're great and challenging and rewarding and a huge gaping time suck. I'll be glad to get my brain back. Next spring, if I get to do this again, 1 section, maybe 2, not 3.

3. My hair is back to that magic length where I have to do very little but keep it washed and run a comb through it in the morning. No more Medusa hair in the morning. :) It also has a lot more wave at this length than it does when it's longer. And the cut I gave it last weekend looks good. I'm pleased.

4. I miss having red hair. I'm considering henna.

5. I'm glad it's Friday. My week is so front loaded that by the time I get to Friday, all I want to do is fall over. Luckily, all I have today is one student meeting, my seminar, and 1 50 minute class to teach, so there is some falling over in my future.

6. Work was better this week. Great, but not better. We had a little riot act reading and a little pointed point make about homework, and hopefully, the point has been made.

7. Payday. :)

8. Day 20 of no sugar in my morning coffee.

a. There is very little that feels more undignified for me than trying to teach and sneezing mid-sentence. Fortunately, they all get it, since most of them are sick too.
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