joyce (joyce) wrote,

Dear braintrust:

As most of you folks know, I sit on the board for a co-operative natural foods grocery here in town. We have been working on keeping more of our documents, like meeting minutes, in electronic form. We've started a Google group, and we've been using it to post documents to work on. However, it's getting messy - there's no way to make folders on the Google group, and we're starting to have documents pile up and confuse people.

We need a document repository. We need to be able to

- make folders
- let anyone edit documents
- see who is logging in and changing things
- have some sort of log in - these documents can't be public

Some of our board members are... technologically challenged. I'm kind of scared to use Google documents for this, because of that issue; otherwise, it would be perfect for what we need.

Does anyone have another recommendation, or should I suck it up and try to teach people how to use Google documents?


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