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My to-do list for the week is epic. Really, really awful. I am resurrecting the list-of-accomplishment, so that in the middle of the week when I start muttering about throwing myself under a rock and hiding for a week, I can realize that I've been getting things done.

- dishes. lots of dishes.
- two loads of laundry
- some of the clothes folding
- prepped lunches for tomorrow, and my breakfast
- sent out meeting reminders to the probation kids
- started grading the high school discussion boards; gotten done all I can until I see who turns them in tomorrow
- posted journal topic #4 for the probation kids
- dated and organized class notes on Moodle
- reconciled my gradebook versus Web Advisor, clearing out drops
- figured out who isn't scheduled for a meeting #2 yet; prodded
- graded Unit 1 short answer quizzes
- recorded Unit 1 grades
- emailed boss with grade for kid who's going to independent study
- planned meals for the week
- posted class notes for the week for intro
- started planning for the academic probation classes
- posted to LJ
- posted the riot act to intro
- planned academic probation classes
- posted review homework
- made homemade chocolate pudding
Tags: personal:mental_health:daily_accomplish

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