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tonight: salads, of various ingredient configurations tomorrow:… 
14th-Feb-2009 08:07 pm

tonight: salads, of various ingredient configurations

tomorrow: ribeye steak, potatoes of some variety (either mashed or twice baked, likely), side salads

Monday: tacos

Tuesday: biscuits and sausage gravy, green beans

Wednesday: board meeting for me; they're on their own

Thursday: salads, corn muffins

Friday: teriyaki, noodles, egg foo young

Last week notes:

I moved around the order of days, but otherwise made what we'd scheduled. :) Jeff's mom really, really liked the artichoke and spinach rice salad. Friday night, I'd meant to do leftovers, but realized I'd killed the leftovers over the course of the week for lunch, so I took my first stab at egg foo young, one of Jeff's mom's favorite things (and I like it, too.) She said it was amazing, that only bean sprouts would perfect it, and she had seconds. This is a woman who does her damndest to live on air and ritz crackers, and I'm not sure I've EVER seen her take seconds, so I was incredibly pleased.
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