joyce (joyce) wrote,

tonight: biscuits, gravy, roast beef

tomorrow: Super Bowl party @ a friend's

Monday: birthday! out! Vietnamese!

Tuesday: pork and vegetable salad rolls [we've got a whole pack of pork chops in the freezer; half for this and half Wednesday]

Wednesday: pork chops, scalloped potatoes, roast squash

Thursday: salad

Friday: Italian sausage/onion/green pepper/mushrooms/cheese (let people put on whatever combo they want) hoagies

Last week report:

So, they didn't go to the farmer's market last Saturday, because I told Jeff that we had plenty of food in the house. And we did. However, we ran out of eggs early in the week, and I never had the chance to go to the co-op and get more, so meals got shuffled around last week. Monday night we were running some kind of errand, I don't remember what, and didn't want to take the time to try a new recipe, so we did angel hair and red sauce (keeping around emergency boxes of angel hair is a good thing). Tuesday night, we punted and did Taco Bell, because we were out doing errands and getting the storage unit (finally). Wednesday night, we finally got to the Five Spice Moroccan Couscous salad, which was a little fiddly but not bad, and really, really, really, really good (Jeff's mom thought the spiced couscous was too spicy, and I'd made some plain for her, but it was reportedly bland1. Note to self, next time, garlic powder.) It also made incredibly good leftovers for lunch the next day. I need to type up the recipe; we'll be making it again. Thursday night we did salad, and last night she suggested French dip sandwiches, so she went out and got the roast beef while we were at work, and I started dough for French rolls before I left the house, and verily, it was very good.

1. To her credit, she has said to stop worrying about whether food is going to be too spicy for her and to just make whatever we want and she'll just eat pb&j the nights that it is. However, if we do that, she'll be eating pb&j every other night, and I'm the one digging my heels in about that.
Tags: cooking:menu_planning

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