joyce (joyce) wrote,

hehe. it's a damn thing good thing that my cam wasn't on last night right before i was getting ready to go to bed, or the fact that i was standing on my chair screeching would have been documented...

i'm sitting there IRCing, about to go to sleep, when i here rustling noises behind me. i finally turn around and look, and there's a mouse sticking his head out from under the loveseat.


normally i wouldn't be freaked out, if it were like, in the hallway, or the kitchen, or anywhere else besides two feet from the bed i'm getting ready to lie down in, which happens to sit on the floor (no frame). as it was, there was screeching and standing on chair and more screeching and a gingerly crossing the room standing on as much furniture as possible to turn on the lights, and a midnight dish washing run (managing to wake up the housemate who lives next to the kitchen in the process, but after a minute of "i'm sorry, but there was a mouse, and washing dishes seemed like a good way to get it to go away, and there was this mouse" he shook his head and went back to bed) and emptying of trash.

whee. this morning i feel pretty silly over it. but dammit, it was a big mouse. =)

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