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Last week's meal planning went out the window due to my being out of town more than I'd thought I was going to be (for example, originally I thought I'd be back from the workshop in time to eat dinner here Saturday night). So, there is some recycling here...

Saturday night: I was out of town, I don't know what they did

last night: over easy egg tacos, leftover broccoli/carrot/cabbage slaw from the potluck last week and squash

tonight: Five Spice Moroccan Couscous salad (didn't get to last week, want to try, should make good leftovers for lunches)

Tuesday: egg foo young (one of Jeff's mom's favorite things)

Wednesday: salad

Thursday: cheese souffle (?) - I don't know if I want two egg mains in one week. Otherwise, something from the cookbooks.

Friday: scampi (chicken for Jeff, shrimp for Val, both for me) [will need to make a trip to Earthfare], carrot and broccoli salad

As far as last week goes, Jeff and I thought that the hummus and vegetable pitas were fantastic - healthy, very filling, very tasty. I didn't get the carrot and broccoli salad made up, so I served them up with some cara cara oranges. Jeff's mom was not a fan of the hummus, so if we do pita sandwiches again for dinner - and we will, noms - there should be egg salad or ham for her.
Tags: cooking:menu_planning

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