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Yesterday was a quiet day. I did not do anything specific to honor Dr. King, which is bothering me and I'd like to fix next year. We had off school, and I got stuff done - a bit of housework, including a lot of the never ending pile of dishes. Jeff and I went to our favorite Mexican place for lunch, and his mom and I ran out to the co-op. Otherwise, I sat here and got stuff done: balanced my checkbook, planned for the next three classes of intro (including my sub plans for Thursday, which now I need to adjust), planned for next week in the academic probation classes, emailed those folks and reminded them that we're not having class this week, and got a bunch of other paperish/organizational type stuff done. It was nice to be productive.

Today, the snow has canceled school. Anyone from somewhere where it really snows would laugh, if they saw it - we have something like 1/8 of an inch right now. But the roads slick up easily, and community college students are commuter students, some from BFE and pretty far distances. The university is running on a two hour delay - more of their off campus students live either right up on campus and can walk, or in town, where after a couple hours (hopefully) the roads will be less slick.

I'm annoyed at losing the day of spring break - though I'll be done that day at 9:15, so, I'll cope - but glad that, since it did snow, they called school, because what happens when they don't but there is snow or ice is that you only get a third, maybe half, of your students, and you end up having to go over the material again anyhow, and it's a pain in the ass. So. My happy butt is going to spend the day right here, getting work done, watching Obama getting sworn in, and being glad I don't have to go out in this weather.
Tags: ate soup, teaching, weather

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