joyce (joyce) wrote,

last night: V's cabbage-tomato-beef stew, and these rolls, which were excellent, not nearly as fiddly as they looked, and great for pulling apart and dipping, though I should have left them in the oven for another 5 minutes. I did garlic and dill, because that's what we had on hand.

tonight: homemade pizza

Monday: tacos and coleslaw

Tuesday: likely inauguration potluck at a friend's, in which case I need to think of something Hawaiian themed to cook; otherwise, leftovers

Wednesday: hummus and vegetable pitas, carrot and broccoli salad

Thursday: Five Spice Moroccan Couscous salad

Friday: I'll be out of town, and V. and madgenius and fend for themselves

As far as last week goes:

V. loved the French onion soup, but it ran up her blood sugar way too high. Jeff gamely tried it (he's not fond of big chunks of cooked onions, but he wanted the broth for rolls to dip in), but even with shredded onions, it was too much onion. FOS goes back on my lunch-only list. I froze the leftovers. :)

Making a vegetarian pan and a meat pan of enchiladas and lasagna was no more work than making one pan twice the size. Jeff ate the meat, Val loved the veggie versions of both, and I ate some of both. It was a perfect, and obvious, solution to our differing taste buds that I hadn't thought about before.

We were up for cheese soufflé Thursday night - I've been jonesing - but once I got home, I wasn't up to anything that fiddly, so I made quiche. Otherwise, we stuck to the plan and didn't have the "what do you want" circular conversation going on all week. Woot. :)
Tags: cooking:menu_planning

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