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So, I have a couple weeks until job #3 starts, and thus, was done… 
17th-Jan-2009 08:32 pm
copper and ellie
So, I have a couple weeks until job #3 starts, and thus, was done for the day at 9:15 on Thursday. I printed out directions and got on the road, and met up with artisanal_xara and her little one for tasty pizza and the Museum of Life and Science, which was wicked cool. We took a train ride, looked at space stuff, played with sound exhibits, and the niftiest bit was the butterfly house. So wicked cool.

Yesterday after teaching, I traipsed over to my parents'. Mom wanted to go to Joann's, so we drove back into Greensboro, and then back to her house, and then I drove back into Greensboro to drop off HR paperwork for job #3. Jeff and I went out to the Y when he got home, and we had lasagna for dinner.

Today has been a whole lot of lazy, mostly. We did the farmer's market this morning, and dropped off library books and picked up Taco Bell for lunch, and in between, there's been a lot of Command and Conquer, some dishes, some cooking, some knitting, and some internetting. Pretty soon, I'm going to get really, really busy, so it's been nice that this week has had some slack.
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