joyce (joyce) wrote,

Farmer's market and library and co-op this morning. It's nice putting our routines back on, like a comfortable pair of jeans. I had, um, a lot of books on hold at the library; it's the beginning of the year, everyone is posting their book lists, and so I'd gone on a bit of a requesting binge, and a lot of things came in at once that had had long lines. :)

In the afternoon, Jeff and I ran out to the tractor supply store in Burlington, just for something to do out of the house for a bit. He ate a late lunch at Red Robin and I ate french fries. We did some browsing in B&N. We came home, and we've been reading and gaming and lazing since. There was salad for dinner. Jeff's mom went out with the neighbors for a bit. It's been a nice, quiet day.

And now I'm going to go to bed with the tail end of my cold and a book. :)

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