joyce (joyce) wrote,

We had a very non-authentic but tasty chicken fried rice tonight for dinner. Brown rice and eggs and chicken and broccoli and bok choy - in other words, whole grains and vegetables and protein. My body said "Yes, please, and thank you." I've also had a bunch of water today. And blueberry juice. And remembered to take my vitamins. And now I'm eating a red navel orange, which is really really good. (Lest I seem too virtuous, there have been a couple of carob chip cookies, and several mini-Reese's cups, also today. But at least I'm lacing my sugar with healthy stuff, which is more than I was doing for the last couple of weeks.

Jeff had off today, so there was sleeping in and laziness this morning, and a lot of dishes and some laundry and leftovers for lunch. They went out car shopping for his mom (and succeeded, she picks it up next Friday), and then there was a group field trip to Harris Teeter and Target. I came home and faced down cleaning out the fridge, and here we are.

And there's two more days of weekend left, too. :)
Tags: ate soup, food

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