joyce (joyce) wrote,

social butterfly

.... or, 164 miles.

This morning, I got up and had a lovely little breakfast date at Waffle House with my honey. (He drove to that one.) Sausage biscuit and hash browns, noms. I got home and jumped in the shower and got in the car. I had a reasonably decent drive down 40 and 85 and 70, and was all the way to Crabtree before I realized that I'd managed to freaking miss Brier Creek, also known as the shopping center of doom. How, I don't know. I turned around and zipped back up 70 and found the Brixx Pizza, and had a very lovely lunch with charlie_ego and ebs98 and another high school friend who doesn't LJ and various spouses/partners. I hadn't seen Charlie or Emily in zonks, and so that was very, very nice. We got done with lunch and I zipped back up the highway to my parents', where there was hanging out for a bit before my dad's dad's family's holiday potluck (smaller than some years, which was actually pretty nice.) I got to talk to one of my favorite aunts (of course, they're all my favorites) and a cousin who is rapidly getting really cool the older he gets, and it was a good time. We went back to my parents' house for a bit, and then I zoomed out on my cat-sitting duties before going to Moe's to hang out and visit while huxley_boy and jeni ate dinner. They had to hit the road, and I came home.

Tomorrow is mostly unscheduled. I need to clean and make a co-op run, and in the evening, there's artisanal_xara's birthday party, yay!

It was a lovely day, but man, I'm tired now. I don't know how people who run around like this all the time do it.
Tags: local road trip, social, tonya

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