joyce (joyce) wrote,

I'm not good at resolutions - rather, I'm not good at following resolutions - but there are things I'd like to do this year. A project, of sorts.

1. Exercise for 6500 minutes total. This is 30 minutes 4 times a week, plus rounding up a bit to make it nice and even.

2. Read more than I did this year. Considering that I only read something like 25 books this year (the list is on Boomer, and I need to pull my documents off of Boomer), this shouldn't be too hard.
2a. Read more non-fiction than I did this year. See above.

3. Try one new thing a month. A new food, going to a new place, a new experience, something.

And that's it. Part of getting things done is setting reasonable goals, and 3 is a good number, right? :)
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