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So, yesterday we got up and got our little household fed and got… 
26th-Dec-2008 11:14 pm
copper and ellie
So, yesterday we got up and got our little household fed and got moving, though not quite as quickly as I had said I would the night before, apparently. We got to my parents' house and did stockings and did presents (I got some lovely, very well thought out things; the family gifts are always the best, though Santa1 didn't do too badly, either) and then packed up and headed to my aunts' and did food and visiting and more visiting. Jeff ran his mom home, and we eventually all ended up back at my parents' - Jeff and me and the sisters and Andrew and his parents [who just moved home from CO, yay!] and my aunt and uncle from VA, and their daughter and fiance, whom we were meeting for the first time [and really liked], and their son and his two kids [two of the cutest kids on the planet] and a local aunt and my youngest cousin.

No, that wasn't everyone. When we're at a full contingent, we're at 26 in immediateish family (including Jeff's mom).

So there was more food and visiting and a Dirty Santa gift exchange and half the crew left, and then more visiting, and then the board games came out, and then I realized that I needed to run back into town to check on the cats that I'm sitting for a friend of mine. 45 minutes later or so, I was home, and more folks left, and Hope and Faith and Andrew and I played games until I was falling asleep at the kitchen table.

(Did I sleep well once I was in the bed? Of course not.)

This morning, we got up and showers and coffee and cooked breakfast, and braved J. C. Penny and Target in search of sales for needed clothing items (neither one was too bad, actually) and picked up Dominoes for lunch, and did Scrabble, and I feel face forward into a nap. I got some computer games installed on mom's computer for her, and then there was a game night, and then it was time to pack up and come home, by way of the cat-sitting. Our kittens seem happy to see me.

It was a lovely, lovely Christmas.

1. Mom likes to play Santa Claus.
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