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So, yesterday, yesthatjill and flummox got up and got off to work. We trailed out shortly thereafter. 695 actually wasn't bad, and we meandered west for awhile and then meandered south on country highways for awhile, and eventually popped out here, at the Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center, which is part of the National Air and Space Museum. It's essentially a very large airplane hangar crammed full of examples of things that fly, including the space shuttle Enterprise. It's wicked cool, and totally worth a trip if you're ever anywhere near it. We wandered around the museum and took a ton of pictures and saw an Imax film, and went up the observation tower and watched planes come into Dulles, and eventually had to get on the road.

We were going to do some interstating and then rejoin with 29, instead of taking 29 all the way down, but we got on 66, and there was traffic lined up all the way to the horizon, and there was a convenient exit onto 29-South right there, so we went ahead and jumped on it. It was slow but moving to begin with (unlike 66), and then was totally moving, and except for some stupid but fairly brief traffic in Charlottesville and some lights, we kept moving. We left the center at 3:30 and pulled into home at 9:30, including a couple of gas/bathroom/snack stops, so I think 29 was the way to go (and, unlike the interstate, 29 through VA is just beautiful.)

It was a lovely weekend; yesthatjill and flummox are most excellent hosts. :)

This morning, Val and I have been out and done the Christmas grocery run. I need to make a list of everything I need to get done over the next couple of days (too much) and get started. Whee.
Tags: christmas, jill, photos, road trip, travel

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