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Yesterday was a terrific, awesome, fun day. artisanal_xara and her little one came up, and we went to the Natural Science Center. Some of it is a little crappy - you can tell they're still finishing some of the exhibits - and some of it would be a lot more interesting when they're running programs, which they weren't doing yesterday. But the snake/frog/fish exhibits were small but really good, there was a maze that the little one loved, there was a great kids play area when he needed to run off some steam and we needed to sit for a few minutes, and in the back, there was a small but very well thought out zoo. With the wolf exhibit, you got to walk out on a boardwalk over the wolf pen (way up over, but still). We got to see tigers much closer than I ever have, walk though an open area where wallabies could come down on the path if they wanted to (but they were being lazy in the cold, and I can't blame them) and feed goats and sheep (something that I was more excited about than the three year old, let me tell you). It's only $4 to get in because I'm a member of the NC Zoo, and I'll be going back when it warmer and more of the animals are out.

It was a lovely, lovely day. We have plans to go to Life and Science in Durham in January, and I'm really looking forward to that.

Meantime, we need to finish getting directions and stuff printed out so that we can get out of dodge.
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