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Thanksgiving may be the greatest food holiday in all the land, but Christmas is certainly close. And it's coming up too soon. (I have bought 1 gift, and only because Hope pulled it up on Amazon and said "See? Here. You can get it used for 94 cents. There ya go." I need to get on things.) So I've been thinking about food.

Mom is making a ham for the aunts', and a ham for her house. (We are going to be awash in a sea of ham. Jeff's mom also wanted to make ham, but was okay when I told her that I had to check with my mom, who normally has Christmas dinner planned in October, and normally does ham.) Hope is doing a pan of cheese stuffed shells for the aunts. I am thinking about:

- a pan of cheese enchiladas, probably for dinner at my parents, since Hope is bringing a vegetarian main to lunch (last count, one vegetarian sister and 2 vegetarian first cousins (maybe three?))
- a cheese ball, some good crackers, and Ritz for Jeff's mom, because that what she likes
- mom asked me to bring a vegetable tray, so I'll do that. Squash, broccoli, carrots, mushrooms, maybe cherry tomatoes if anyone around here is hothousing them? Onion dip, and I'd like to do another dip. Maybe homemade hummus? Maybe something with sun-dried tomatoes?

and beyond that, I don't know; I'm pretty out of ideas. I'd like to do some baking - my delicious bookmarks are filling up with really good looking dessert ideas - but there's always a ton of sweet stuff, so it would be kind of silly to do so. I might make church windows, since no one makes them any more and they were one of my favorite things that my grandmother made.

What are y'all's favorite $winterholiday foods?
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